• Regular Tickets

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    • Workshop day and Conference day

      Access to a morning and afternoon workshop on Workshop Day (Wednesday) and access to all tracks on Conference Day (Thursday). Includes lunch and beverages.

      € 410,00

  • Light Tickets

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    • Conference Only

      Access to all tracks on the main conference day, includes lunch and beverages.

      € 190,00

  • Mobile heroes tour -appril in the city

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    • Free Appril on Tour ticket - Just register

      On Tuesday (April 16) we organize 'Appril on Tour', a free event with workshops and sessions at various companies throughout the city. This day is free, but you do need to register and pick the events you'd like to visit.


  • Specials

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    • Mobile Business Network Dinner - appril table

      At the appril table, on Thursday, April 17, we share knowledge, expertise, creativity and fun in combination with good food; this in random order … Take a seat, eat and talk!

      € 75,00

About this event

All about mobile business, app development & new technology.

+31 30 7670709
Pathé De Munt
Vijzelstraat 15
1017 HD Amsterdam